SunGod Guest Ticket Fiasco

Alec Weisman

SunGod guest tickets were “sold out” before Box Office even opens this morning. At 7 am the line had stretched down to Round Table Pizza. By 8 am, Box Office staff told people in line that the 150 remaining tickets had been essentially “sold out” as temporary vouchers were given to the first 150 people in line, essentially insuring that no students beyond that point could get tickets.

The Lucky Few

The tickets will officially be sold out within 30 minutes of publication of this article.

The lucky few

How did these students get to be so lucky? Most of them camped out in PC, and some had been there since 1 am.

All the blame for this fiasco lies with the UCSD Associated Students Concerts and Events Brian Wong. Sadly the AS has a recent history of causing SunGod to suck, due to their kowtowing to the UCSD Administrations demand that they “cage SunGod” in RIMAC.

Hopefully they won’t have all of the “student passes” distributed as quickly, but knowing the incompetence of the Associated Students (who can’t even manage their own elections without chaos and corruption), this seems highly unlikely.

*Photographs courtesy of Daniel Yuan.



  1. student · ·

    Some issues I have with your article.

    First, Sun God is two words.

    Second, it would be helpful to have a better critique of the festival opposed to just saying it sucks. There are many students and staff that work very hard to make this festival open to students.

    Third, please don’t simply make a throw away comparison between elections fiasco and the competency of the ASCE staff.

  2. Daniel Yuan · ·

    I do feel that they were smart to hand out the ticket vouchers so that students would have a general idea of whether or not they would be able to get tickets.

  3. student2 · ·

    I agree with the first student. This article lacks evidence and support regarding why Sun God “sucks” and how this is at the fault of AS Concerts and Events. If Sun God were to “suck” so much, why would ALL guest passes sell out within four days of the start of ticket sales?

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