Two Letters to the Editor

*** Editors Note: These two letters were intended to be printed in the Guardian last week, however AS election controversy caused them to be bumped from their issue. These letters were forwarded to the California Review and have been published in full bellow.

***Update: 4/21/11 – The Guardian has finally printed these letters in their latest issue.


Dear editors of The Guardian,

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened The Guardian on Monday and found the open letter concerning the hypocrisy of Israeli apartheid week.

Only in an institution as morally bankrupt as the American university could people honestly believe that Israel (and by association the United States) are agents of evil and injustice in this world and the middle-east. In all honesty, these nations are perhaps the primary forces of good on this planet. Hopefully this letter serves as a catalyst for change and ends the MSA, SJP, and ASU’s insidious use of “human rights” as intellectual weapons used in the propagation of hate.

In the end, peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors will come about only through through mutual understanding, not through the hateful propaganda, which characterizes apartheid week. Thank you to the professors for showing the courage to point-out this inconvenient truth.


Daniel Vollmer
Sophomore, TMC


To whom it may concern,

Christians United for Israel at UCSD agrees with and supports the statement made in the open letter about hypocrisy in the treatment of Israel on campus. Israel is not and should not be placed on a pedestal and held beyond reproach, for no nation can be perfect as nations are made up of people and people are not perfect. On the contrary, Israel’s policies should be closely examined. However, Israel ought not to be treated with any more or less scrutiny than any other nation in the area. We, as a university campus, must dedicate ourselves to intellectual honesty in pursuit of liberty and peace for all peoples in the Middle East. This is why the outrage some campus organizations have expressed against the letter is misplaced. The letter is not hateful or even pro-Israel as such, but rather calls for fairness. It is not only an exercise of the right to free speech, but is also the exact type of speech we should all demand from one another.

The CUFI Officer Board


  1. can we get a link to the open letter that was in the guardian? i can’t seem to find it…

  2. The California Review · ·

    @Jay: It’s located on Page 11 of:

    – Alec

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