AS Resolution Passed 4/13/11

*** Editors Note: This resolution was passed on 4/13/11 with the intents of having AS restrain themselves from passing Resolutions that will divide the undergraduate student body.

Resolution Upholding Commitment to the Principles of Community

WHEREAS, the ASUCSD is dedicated to serving all students and to upholding the Principles of Community; and,

WHEREAS, on June 2nd 2010 the ASUCSD passed a Resolution for the Commitment to the Principles of Community stating that acts which “target and offend a specific community [are] a contravention of the UCSD’s Principles of Community” and resolved that such actions are unacceptable and in violation of the principles; and,

WHEREAS, past considerations of contested political resolutions brought forth to the ASUCSD have resulted in antagonization and feelings of polarization communities within UCSD, in stark contrast with the Principles of Community’s stated goal of “foster[ing] understanding and tolerance among individuals and groups…through education and constructive strategies for resolving conflict.” and,

WHEREAS, as per the ASUCSD Vision Statement, “the vision of the ASUCSD Council is to foster a cohesive community,” and the Council “will represent a diverse but unified voice”; and;

WHEREAS, divisive resolutions may target or offend certain communities, fail to promote a cohesive community, and circumvent constructive processes of conflict negotiation; and,

WHEREAS, conducive debate in professionally moderated settings is available for students at UCSD and should be encouraged; and,

WHEREAS, students should feel free and safe to hold their views, and community beliefs should not be censured by the ASUCSD; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED, maintaining a positive campus climate and safe learning environment is an utmost concern of the ASUCSD; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, concerning divisive external political issue, ASUCSD will bear respect for students of every race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and political belief by remaining neutral; and,

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, the ASUCSD supports constructive dialogue for a conflict resolution among the communities of UCSD.


Below was the vote on the Resolution:
Roll Call Vote was follows:
Jeremy Akiyama, yes;
Andrew Ang, yes;
Anish Bhayani, yes;
Matt Bradbury, no;
Kristian Castro, no;
Baldeep Dhaliwal, yes;
Elizabeth Elman, no;
Victor Flores, no;
Benjamin Hass, yes;
Kevin Hoang, yes;
Karen Liang, yes;
Daniel Liu, yes;
Erica Morgan, yes;
Samer Naji, no;
Ryan O’Rear, yes;
Kristina Pham; no;
Thao Pham, yes;
Deyna Roberson, yes;
Parminder Sandhu, yes;
Zoe Seher, yes;
Adi Singer, yes;
Lynne Swerhone, abstain,
Shunya Wade, no;
Jacob Wisdom, no;
Leah Wong, no;
Mikey Yamane, yes;
Mac Zilber, yes;
Rena Zuabi, no;
Melissa Etehad, no.
Motion approved.


  1. so what does this mean?

  2. Not only are resolutions usually divisive, and oftentimes wrong-headed, they’re more often than not complete wastes of time and energy. ASUCSD should not be passing resolutions on global issues, or even on political issues unrelated to student life, when it can’t get it’s own house in order. THIS resolution on resolutions looks like a step in the right direction.

  3. What is the point of this and the recent Chancellor’s “be respectful” email? Are these all responses to the letter RE: SJP? Or is there something else going on here?

    Either way, it’s amazing how the people who claim to love respectful, free speech so much actually work to undermine it and shout down anyone who opposes them.

  4. It’s just meant to point out AS’s own hypocrisy vis a vis their ridiculous global resolutions.

  5. Mac Zilber · ·

    Hey Alec, FYI, the AS Minutes (which I’m guessing you got the roll call vote from) mixed me and Rena up in the roll call vote. I voted ‘yes,’ Rena voted ‘no,’ not the other way around (the minutes for that meeting were weird, they also said that Wafa voted for her own impeachment, which she didn’t do).

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