Our 30th Anniversary w/ Photos

The California Review is pleased to celebrate our 30th Anniversary with our readers and the broader University of California, San Diego community.

Founded by E. Clasen Young, H.W. Crocker III, and Brandon Crocker in January 1982, our first issue was printed in late May, 1982.

Since then, the California Review has proudly infuriated the UCSD administration and student government with our persistent investigations into their financial mismanagement, lack of transparency, and abuse of student rights; topics that other newspapers on campus have been hesitant to cover. In addition to exposing these scandals, the California Review has had the honor of interviewing political heavyweights including Milton Friedman, George F. Will, Thomas Sowell, former California Govenor Pete Wilson, and Arthur Laffer, among many others.

The California Review is also the oldest student newspaper in southern California dedicated toward conservative and libertarian ideals. Our staff embodies a wide assortment of political ideologies and helps provide true intellectual diversity to our university.

We are grateful for the significant contributions of our dedicated staff and editors who have made it possible for the Califoria Review to have such a rich legacy and promising future.

May the California Review shine as brightly in thirty years.

“Fiat Lux.”

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