Brief – Overseas Tensions on the Rise

by Natalie Wong

Much to our relief, 2012 passed by and the world didn’t end. This may call for some celebration. However, while most of us prepared ourselves for the zombie apocalypse that may or may not occur, political disagreements persisted between the United States and foreign countries, triggering violence and unnecessary deaths.

Firstly, North Korea seemed desperate to end the world when, after three failed attempts, it finally launched a missile into the atmosphere at full orbit on December 12, 2012. Sources say that this missile might be targeted at the Pacific Rim. This understandably caused havoc for some living in west coast US. The Democratic (Ironic?) People’s Republic of Korea also continues their seemingly never-ending battle with South Korea, thus pledging their battle against the United States due to the their close relationship with South Korea.

Furthermore, severe human rights violations, such as manipulation and arbitrary arrest and torture, to name a few, continue to rule the nation following Kim Jong-Il’s death. North Korea is becoming an increasingly brutal and powerful nation, their effect ever-threatening. This raises much concern and anxiety amongst other countries—especially the US, which seemed to be the target for many attacks over unresolved disputes. Therefore, understandably, having a country that’s heavily armed with missile weapons and completely closed off from the international eye is at the least a little alarming.Perhaps the government should rescind their interference with DPRK business to protect the nation against the harm of a merciless empire.

Speaking of sensitive business, Libya didn’t seem so pleased with US’s efforts to settle embassy relations. On September 11, 2012, coincidentally the same day the devastating 9-11 attacks occurred, clashes between the US and Libyan consulates resulted in a direct attack. This attack consisted of heavy weaponry and grenades, which led to the entrapment and death of four American personnel inside the US Embassy. 

These outbreaks are rapidly getting out of hand—attacks targeted at American embassies in Middle Eastern countries are becoming more common and the incidents increasingly brutal and merciless. Death due to political disagreement is becoming a prominent issue. Just last year, 25 UN officials were killed due to conflict over governmental policies. The lives and sanctity of American officials are on the line, their safety risked, and their sanity taken to the test. Affairs with the Middle East are increasingly more tangled, and with no signs of slowing in 2013.

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