UCSD College Republicans Response to the Resolution in Support of Divestment

The UCSD College Republicans urges the AS Council to vote no on the Divestment Resolution. We do so for the following reasons:

First, there is no mention of a two state solution in this resolution. As the United States and a majority of the governing nations in the world agree, the path to peace requires the existence of both an Israel and a Palestine. We believe that failing to mention this demonstrates how the resolution is not intended to help with the peace process and therefore should be rejected.

Secondly, the references to and citations of the BDS movement associate our student body with a one state solution. Time and time again, BDS leaders have advocated and supported the elimination of the Israeli state and its culture. We believe that UCSD should not support nor affiliate itself with organizations that directly inhibit the peace process or call for the elimination of any group or culture.

Third, this resolution indicates that one side is responsible for this conflict. We believe this position inadequately represents the problem, and puts students into believing that one cultural group is favored over another. This goes against the values of tolerance and acceptance this University was founded on and any resolution that does so, should be rejected.

Fourth, this resolution makes Israeli and Jewish students feel unwelcome on this campus. We believe that the first responsibility of Associated Students is to create a campus climate welcoming to all. As was seen by the experience at UC Irvine and was exemplified by the testimony of Jewish students, divestment will cause students to not attend UCSD. We believe this is unacceptable, shameful, and should not occur.

Fifth, this resolution is opposed by national politicians and leaders on both sides of the aisle. We call on UCSD to head prominent leaders such as President Barrack Obama’s warning that actions such as this will do nothing to assist and will in fact inhibit the peace process.

Sixth, the labeling of Israel as an apartheid state is factually incorrect. Not one single apartheid practice applies to Israel. As evidence, we sight the following: Arabs, who are about 20% of Israel’s population, enjoy, without any exception, the same rights and opportunities in all fields as their Jewish fellow citizens. All non-Jews have full voting rights. All children in Israel are entitled to subsidized education until graduation, without any restrictions based on color or religions. In addition, we believe that the use of this term in this incorrect context disrespects the real instances of Apartheid that have occurred in South Africa and around the world.

Seventh, the labeling of Israel as a colonial empire denies the facts of history. We urge AS to remember that Israelis also have historical ties to the territory and you cannot be a colonial occupier in a place that has continually been your native home.

Finally, there is no such thing as an economic island. So long as UCSD uses money in any way, funds will be used to fund defense in one form or another. IF the council was concerned about truly divesting from Israel it would cease to accept all US taxpayer money from the 70% of students at UCSD that receive financial aid. After all, the United States, through taxpayer funds, is the single largest supporter or Israel. Instead of shamelessly attacking the only Liberal Democracy in the Middle East and America’s greatest ally, AS should be focused on true measures of peace and tolerance.

For these reasons, we urge AS to reject the resolution and put UCSD on the side of peace.

Editor’s note – the above is the official, verbatim statement from the UCSD College Republicans regarding Divestment at UCSD. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the California Review or our staff, and it has not been fact-checked or edited by the California Review. Please direct any inquiries regarding these statements to the College Republicans at UCSD via their official contact information available at the UCSD student org registration website.


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