AS Slate Review Part I – “Flow with the Feng!”


by Stephen Howell

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with AS Presidential Candidate Caeser Feng of the Flow with the Feng AS slate and ask a few questions. The goals of Flow with the Feng include resource sharing, alumni networking, philanthropy, and community.

Specifically, sharing resources among student organizations like funding and physical space. Alumni networking refers to facilitating events where alumni and current students can connect so students can gain more perspective towards their future.

Feng’s philanthropic goals focused on sponsoring scholarships, while at the same time striving to move AS to a non-profit organizationsnd stabilize their finances for a healthy and lasting future. Last but not least,  their goal of community pertained to expanding and reforming welcome week activities to embrace a more inviting college experience for students.

When asked to differentiate his slate, Feng stated that he considered his goals more realistic than most, would work to organize job fairs involving alumni, and would audit the Associated Students quarterly and post the results publicly.

When asked about the divestment fiasco that occurred during winter quarter, Feng made it clear that his slate has no official stance on the divestment. However, he did say that if it came up again in the future, he would like more student feedback on the decision.

As far as dealing with the debt accrued by AS over the last year, Feng replied that more oversight is needed to prevent overspending, which he cited as the cause of the debt, and that he plans to implement such oversight.

With regards to the transportation fiasco that UCSD is currently facing, Feng plans on reviewing the hard data to figure out the real problems Transportation Services is facing because he believes that the issue is not with the students but with the management of Transportation Services itself, and will definitely be a challenge for the next AS president.

 Students can vote online using MyTritonLink through Friday, April 12th. 

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