AS Slate Review Part IV – “Triton’s Choice”


by Stephen Howell

I recently interviewed Courtney Hill, who is running for AS President under the slate Triton’s Choice. Her slate’s platform is Accessibility, Accountability, and Availability, and they’re very passionate about accomplishing all three. The spirit of the platform is to renew the public opinion of the Associated Student government and to push for reforms to prevent corruption and negligence in our student government. When asked to differentiate her slate, Hill said that her fellow slate members are well-rounded, more experienced in a wide variety of events, and more qualified, and she believes any of her fellow slate members would easily be outstanding stand-alone members of AS.

When asked about divestment, she said that she would have fought for critical discussion of the issue, where all student groups could be represented and heard.

When asked about the debt accrued by AS this year, Hill explained that she plans on working closely with her VP of Finance to provide five and ten year plans, where spending will be reevaluated and the goal will be sustainability and growth.

When we spoke about the transportation crisis that UCSD is currently facing, Hill claims the problem of transportation has not actually been debated, explaining that the changes to UCSD’s transportation infrastructure are not canceled, but just delayed, and she’d like to alter the changes to make them more student friendly.

Triton’s Choice has no official opinion on the UCEN referendum. However, Hill personally agrees with the referendum’s goals. She states that because the majority of students use the facilities that would receive funds for upkeep from the fees generated by the referendum, the referendum is a good thing. However, she believes that every individual student needs to be educated on what the referendum is and how it will affect them, and then decide whether or not they should support or reject it.

 Students can vote online using MyTritonLink through Friday, April 12th. 

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