A Peek Into Illegal Internet Drug Markets

I have fond memories of late weekend nights rolling around in my car with my best friend, music blaring, from party to party in attempts to score a cheap half OZ of weed, while ending up getting a lackluster product without so much as a ziplock bag to hold it. I remember driving 40 minutes to meet up with some paranoid Ukrainian woman to pick up a few under dosed tabs of acid, afraid I might get shot in the rundown neighborhood in which we had to journey, while forking over extra to buy my friend who acted as a middle man to his dealer, some low potency molly(street name for mdma), that was cut with god know what else. While these adventures were something to do for a high school stoner with too much time on his hands, things got to a point where I was tired of getting low quality product for high prices simply because I was unwilling to associate with the shadier elements of my town.

As I was tiring of low dosed psychedelics and overpriced weed I was also beginning to rave and wanted to pair the experience with its drug of choice, namely MDMA. Up until I developed an interest in molly I had never really questioned the safety of my drugs, in my research I was beginning to discover just how weak and just how dangerous hard drugs on the street can be. For example most tabs of LSD on the street are 60 micrograms, where as the preferred dose for a good mind-melting is 100, on top of this new synthetic drugs with much higher overdose potential are now being sold as acid to unsuspecting customers by shady street vendors. MDMA itself is the worst, only 20% of pills sold as “molly” on the street actually contain MDMA. Furthermore, most contain dangerous or poorly understood stimulants with high seizure potential and lackluster effects. The pills that do actually contain MDMA are so diluted that you need to take 2 to feel the effects.

But all hope was not lost, in my research I also found an answer to my prayers in the form of a holy triad, TOR the online anonimization project that allows anyone to conceal their identity while accessing the massive and mysterious darknet, Bitcoin the untraceable trustless cryptocurrency, and a darknet site called Agora. Upon downloading the necessary tools and procuring bitcoins I set off to see if drugs through the deep web were all they were cracked up to be. I placed a small order of 1 gram of MDMA for $45, using my real name and address encrypted using a special PGP key on the vendor’s page. I was updated when my order was received and a few days later my order was again updated to shipped. I waited nervously for a 8 days, learning the mail schedule and checking it religiously, and eventually I received a priority mail envelop which I rushed to open. Inside I found 1.2 grams of pure crystalline MDMA. When I tested it later that evening I realized that these markets were something special.

Since that first order I have been hooked, making well over ten orders. Each time I am amazed with the quality and price. I have ordered MDMA, Marijuana concentrate (wax), and LSD from a number of different vendors, all highly reviewed with an average of 4.9/5 or higher over the course of 100’s to 1000’s of orders. The shipping times vary from vendor to vendor, as do the prices and relative quality, but a few things that stand out to me as amazing about this internet drug trade are as follows: First, USPS is the world’s greatest drug mule. Second, the hospitality of the vendors, I have never been ripped off on any orders I have made, even on those that I do not use Agora’s built in escrow for, and I have even received a full refund when a vendor accidentally sent me crystal MDMA instead of pressed pills. Third, the quality of the products, every product I have ever ordered is exactly what it is advertised as.

If this article has convinced you to take a voyage into the darknet, there are a few disclaimers I must bring up. One, carelessness is not an option, if you intend to buy off the darknet you must go through every step to anonimize your bitcoins, if you think you can simply buy them and spend them you are sorely mistaken. To do your research, there is plenty of talk online about all the various darknet markets and vendors and I attribute my success to only buying from the best, people do scam you and law enforcement is constantly lurking. Three the market is unstable and there will be risk, the major ways you will lose money on the darknet are exit scams( where a market or vendor decides they are done and take all the money they can before disappearing), and bitcoin price fluctuations( I have lost $10 worth of bitcoins in a second due to a price drop). If you are willing to take these risks then all I can say to you is happy shopping!

by anonymous


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